We specialise in business mentoring, business support, systems design, and interim managment.
Our specialist services can be provided either in house or through our extensive list of professional contacts.
With over 40 years' experience and as an ACCA registered Accountancy Practice, we are able to offer all accountancy related services.
We advise on a range of funding. We helped to pioneer the establishment of peer to peer lending schemes.

About Us

The principle is a Chartered Certified Accountant and has run businesses of various sizes throughout the UK and Europe.

We have been there and done it ourselves. We have seen the problems and found the solutions. Now we aim to use all that experience to provide you with the practical advice you need.

Malcolm J Bradshaw

How We Support You

By Understanding the finance and management needs of your business:

Knowing the right people enables us to bring in the right experts, leaving you to concentrate on the running your business. We share your determination to make your business more successful.

We are Different

We have a refreshingly different approach to business advice. It is NOT based on what we can offer but on the help that you need. We think of businesses as being at various stages of growth with differing needs at each stage. We offer appropriate types of business advice or resource according to your business needs.

We Can Add Value

We can help with:s General and interim management, bookkeeping, accountancy, banking, company law, employment advice, marketing, health and safety issues, raising finance, advising on financial issues, insurance advice, staff recruitment.