Funding Solutions

There are so many ways that your business can be funded – not simply by bank overdrafts or loans. Our extensive knowledge of alternative sources of finance will enable us to find the right funding for your business needs.

Funding – what is right for you?

All businesses need cashflow; for start up, expansion, buying assets or paying day to day running costs.

We regularly advise to business and other professionals in this field, using our experience of raising funds and knowledge of market availability.

We setup one of the first peer to peer funding schemes in response to the banking sector financial crisis.

We can advise what funding is appropriate for your business.

Did you know that over 3,000 small and medium size businesses have borrowed from Wonga at interest rates exceeding 500% and that almost 10,000 small businesses use borrowings on a personal credit card to fund their business?

Factoring is no longer the dirty "last ditch" source that it was once regarded to be. But, there are many forms of factoring and we can advise on which is more suitable for you type of business.

We are not tied to any individual source of finance and can offer completely independent advice on funding.